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Your computer and the entire internet on your TV!

ZeeVee, Inc. just introduced an innovative product that allows you to view and operate your PC from any HDTV in the home. 

Watch Free Movies & TV shows
View My Pictures
View My Documents
View Videos
Surf the Internet

Using the television cable that is already in your home, a computer can be viewed on any HDTV and controlled by using the supplied radio frequency remote control.  Buy additional remotes for use in more than one room.
ZeeVee models range from $499.00 to $2,499.00.

Zv product image


Televisions without remote controls?

Imagine watching television and with a just wave of your hand, changing the channel or volume.  It may not be too far off in the future.  Toshiba and Hitachi revealed the new technology to test the interest in losing the remote… for good.  With a few gestures, you may be able to control power, channel, mute and volume.  Can I see a show of hands?  Anyone interested?

D-BOX MOTION CODE, Live The Action, Live The Cinema Of Tomorrow

Video Games and Motion Pictures that Move You

Shouldn’t movies really move you?  With D-box technology, movies will be a VERY moving experience.  Motion coding is used in their labs to make certain that every movement in a movie, every explosion, and every action scene moves your chair.  From reclining theater seats to Formula 1 racing cockpits, there are many models to choose from that will truly put you into the action.

Speakers: Too much of a good thing

There are many schools of thought when it comes to speaker systems, and the room is getting even more crowded now.  Dolby Digital has a new offering that includes two additional front channel speakers, for a total of 10 speakers, including the subwoofer.  When Pro Logic hit the scene in the late 1980s, people had a hard time imagining the need for five speakers in their family room.  Advancements in processing since then have greatly improved the dynamics and realism of the surround effects, but more speakers?  When is enough, enough?  While I admit that we could hear the placement of the front channel effects better in a gaming application, most people will do just fine with five speakers.  In a larger room or a dedicated theater, the surround/surround back configuration of a 7.1 speaker system makes sense too.  We’ll see if 9.1 ever gets from the drawing board to the home.



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